Kitchen Items

All items included in our supply are completely designed and made for left–handers.

Left-hander + Comfortable Kitchen Tool = ♥

The majority of us use a variety of kitchen items everyday for cooking, peeling, baking and tasting. Therefore, a kitchen tool should always be comfortable and easy to use.

For instance…

…using a can opener for left–handers allows you to hold your hand in a normal and comfortable angle to open a can of food and, thus, also prevent you from slipping and losing your grip.

…using a measuring cup for left–handers enables you to see how much flour you have filled up in a measuring cup when baking bread or cookies without having to turn your hand and head in odd angles.

…using a corkscrew for left–handers allows you to open a wine or champagne bottle with much better control… to your guests delight!

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Full view

Can Opener_01

Butterfly Can Opener

Stainless steel. Classic design. A necessity in every kitchen. Easy to bring in backpack, going camping or in a picnic basket.

Stainless steel. Traditional design. The long handles allow less pressure needed to open tin.

Colors: metal
Price: 3,72 €
Item Number: 9014

Colors: metal
Price: 6,30 €
Item Number: 3017

Full view

Full view

Potato Peeler_01

Potato Peeler_02

Raadvad Rosewood, stainless steel.
Classic design.
10 year guarantee.

Plastic handle, stainless steel. Adjustable blade. Made by Famos.

Colors: brown (wood)
Price: 7,11 €
Item Number: 9015

Colors: white
Price: 1,69 €
Item Number: 3003

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Full view

Potato Peeler_03

Measuring Cup_01

Plastic handle, stainless steel. Light weight.

Clear plastic. Soft, non-slip handle allows a firm grip. Patented design. Measurements indicated both on outside and inside the see-through cup for accurate measuring. Light weight. Measurements range from 1/4 cup to 2 cups and 50 ml to 500 ml.

Colors: white
Price: 1,35 €
Item Number: 3049

Colors: clear
Price: 6,31 €
Item Number: 0049

Full view

Full view

Measuring Cup_02

Spatula, 28cm

Steel cup with white enamel. Measurements indicated inside the cup. Easy to pour spout. Measurements ranges from 1/8 liters to 5/8 liters and 0.1 liters to 0.6 liters.

Wood. Special design with angled front edge for left hand stirring. Excellent for Teflon coated frying pans.

Colors: white
Price: 8,29 €
Item Number: 3052

Colors: wood
Price: 1,41 €
Item Number: 3020

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Full view

Testing Spoon, 30cm

Spoon, 28cm

Designed for using left hand when testing.

Made out of wood from the beautiful olive tree.

Colors: wood
Price: 5,07 €
Item Number: 0123

Colors: wood
Price: 3,16 €
Item Number: 0163

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Full view

Soup Ladle, 30cm

Lever Corkscrew

Stainless steel.
Easy to pour spout.

Stainless steel and plastic. Classic design. The two levers allow less pressure needed to open bottle. Corkscrew and bottle opener all in one. Saves space in the kitchen.

Colors: metal
Price: 16,92 €
Item Number: 5015

Colors: green/metal
Price: 9,02 €
Item Number: 0159

Full view

Full view

Bell Corkscrew

Power Pull Corkscrew

Polished nickel-plate with forged and tempered steel thread. Slim design.

Wood. Satin finish with Teflon coated spiral. Flexible metal legs allow for a perfect grip. Exclusive and elegant design.

Colors: metal
Price: 10,26 €
Item Number: 6008

Colors: wood/metal
Price: 19,79 €
Item Number: 0267

Full view

Patent Corkscrew

Wooden handle. Traditional design. Easy to include in picnic basket or going camping.

Colors: wood
Price: 1,69 €
Item Number: 6005