Personal Care

Both nail scissors and hair scissors included in our supply are completely designed and made for left–
handers. The handles and blades of the scissors are adjusted and shaped for fitting left–handed use.

Controlled, detailed and careful

Using a pair of nail or hair scissors for left–handers will allow you to perform controlled, detailed and, most importantly, careful cutting.

How can you tell if a pair of scissors is for right–
handers or left–handers? The answer lies in both
the shape of the handle and in how the blades are attached.

The handle should feel comfortable and without
any odd edges in your hand. The blades should be attached with the blade for the left thumb above
(or to the right) and the blade for the rest of the fingers below (or to the left). This is also shown in the full view pictures of our scissors.

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Full view

Full view

Nail Scissors_01

Nail Scissors_02

Stainless steel.
Blades are thin and very slim. Allows for accuracy and control. Excellent for fine and delicate use. Comfortable to use.

Stainless steel. Blades are slightly thicker compared with Nail Scissors_01. Comfortable to use.

Colors: metal
Price: 8,80 €
Item Number: 1015

Colors: metal
Price: 8,80 €
Item Number: 1016

Full view

Hair Scissors_01

Excellent scissors for cutting hair.
Made by Jaguar.

Colors: metal
Price: 33,48 €
Item Number: 1003