All items included in our supply are completely designed and made for left–handers.

Left–handers' Scenario: All of us have probably experienced the disturbance of trying to open our wallet when it is our turn to pay at the cashier at
the store and the coins fall out of our wallet and rolls away on the floor ending up under magazine racks or next to someone's shoe.

Now, if the line happens to be long, the coin drop
will not only be to your annoyance but to the other people waiting in line as well. And all this unnecessary disturbance simply because the wallet was not designed for a left–handed person!

Left–handers' Solution: Using a wallet specifically designed for left–handers will allow you to open your wallet both to pay and to put your change back with full control. This wallet is adjusted and shaped for left–handed use.

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Genuine calf-leather. Danish quality.
Exclusive design. Compartments for paper money, coins, business cards and credit cards.

Colors: black
Price: 32,98 €
Item Number: 2562