All items included in our supply are completely designed and made for left–handers.

A Joyful Moment in the Garden

A tool should always be comfortable and easy to use. Many of us enjoy spending time in and tending to our gardens. Gardening can be both relaxing and a great way to exercise. Unfortunately, gardening can be cumbersome, unpleasant and even painful if not using a proper gardening tool suited for left–handers.

Using a gardening tool specifically designed and shaped for left–handed use allows you to have both
a comfortable and a firm grip. It will also allow you to make your gardening a joyful moment and performed with ease.

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Full view

Full view

Pruner (Darlac)

Pruning Shear (Felco 9)

Teflon coated high carbon tool steel. Sharpen or replace blades as necessary.

Comfortable light handles in forged aluminium. Blades in hardened steel. Sharpen or replace blades as necessary.

Colors: red
Price: 10,14 €
Item Number: 5107

Colors: red
Price: 31,57 €
Item Number: 1013