Purchasing Information

Once you've browsed through our products and are ready to make a purchase, just follow these few steps described below.

How to Place an Order

We welcome orders via email.

For each item you wish to order, write down the following: item number and product name.

If you're ordering more than one item of the same product, please indicate the amount.

Include the above information together with your: name, email address, physical address and phone number in an email to:


As soon as we've received your email, we'll contact you in regards to your purchase.

If you have any questions about our products or order placement, please include them in your email together with your order placement.

Terms of Delivery

All deliveries are sent via the Swedish Postal Service.

Terms of Payment

We use COD (cash on delivery).


All prices are in euros and excluding VAT. The VAT rate in Sweden is 25 percent.

För våra svenska kunder: Svenska priser är indikerade för varje produkt inom parantes och är inklusive moms, ex: (SEK xx).


Your package containing the order you place with
us will be sent by regular mail with standard fee applied. The amount of days required for the package to reach its destination as indicated by the Swedish Postal Service. If the package is posted prior to 5pm (17:00 hrs) on a business day, the normal delivery time is the following business day.

We will confirm shipping fee, type of shipping service, time of delivery, delivery address and total amount due with you prior to sending the package containing your order.

Should you require a rush delivery, please indicate this when placing your order.

Further information about shipping fees, shipping services and times of delivery can be found at the official web site of the Swedish Postal Service.


There is a handling fee of € 3,00 (SEK 50) added to each order.

Consumer Rights

left|right is registered in Sweden and is operating under Swedish law. For our customers this means that, even if you may reside outside of Sweden, all purchases and consumer rights will be in accordance to Swedish law.

For more information about consumer rights and Swedish consumer law, please visit the official web site of the Swedish Consumer Agency.

You can find additional information about consumer rights within the European Union at the official web site of Consumer Europe.

Money Back Guarantee

Should you regret your purchase, or if you for any reason are not satisfied with your purchased product, you can return the product to left|right for a refund of the purchasing price, minus shipping and handling. The product seal must not have been broken and the product must not have been damaged while in your possession. You need to return the product within 14 days of the delivery date.

Please contact us prior to returning any product by sending an email to: return@leftright.se

Please include a copy of the order confirmation.
We do not cover return postage.


According to Swedish Consumer Law, all purchases are covered with a three year warranty from the purchasing date if the product breaks or has any other type of flaws due to manufacturing.

In the unfortunate event of having received the wrong item—or if a product has been damaged during shipping—and you have claims on your warranty, please notify us as soon as possible by sending an email to: warranty@leftright.se

The warranty is not valid due to breakage from normal wear, tear and use.

If the product has been damaged during shipping, you should also notify the Postal Service who delivered the item to you.

Undelivered Product

If you do not receive your package as scheduled, please notify us as soon as possible by sending an email to: delivery@leftright.se


The information you provide to us will be treated with full confidentiality. We will only store information that is necessary for executing your order. We do not give out any information provided to us to any third party.

Thank you!